Versatile & Multi-Display Coffee Scale

The precision is up to 0.1g.

Mode 0 - Weighing – Timer Mode

Mode 1 - Pour-over Mode

Mode 2 - Portafilter Tare Mode

Mode 3 - Espresso Mode

Mode 4 - Flow Practice Mode

Mode 0 - Weighing – Timer Mode

Mode 1 - Pour-ouver Mode

Mode 2 - Portafilter Tare Mode

Mode 3 - Espresso Mode

Mode 4 - Flow Practice Mode

Mode 5 - Coffee-Water Ratio

Mode 6 - Advanced Mode

1) Brewing Game Easter Eggs

2) Brewing Tutorial Mode

3) Mirrored Brewing Mode

1) Automatic Sleep Setting

2) Precision Calibration

3) Mode Order Preferences

4) Mute Setting

5) Brightness Setting

Yes, the modules connect via Bluetooth and can be placed in a comfortable viewing position.

Module A focuses on interactive lighting experiences and suits espresso machines, while Module B 's rotating screen enhances hand-drip interactions and removes viewing angle constraints.

Yes, Modules A and B have independent lithium batteries, allowing extended separate use.

The individual electronic scale module has a total capacity of 2000mAh when used separately, and 2500mAh when both modules are used simultaneously.

Yes, the modules have magnets on their bottoms and sides, enabling attachment to the scale body and coffee machine.

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