Brewing It Right with MantaBrew: Our Coffee Scale and Timeline

Hey coffee lovers! 

If you're as nuts about your morning brew as we are, you'll totally get the journey we've been on. Picture this: a group of coffee-obsessed pals (that's us!) realized the scales we were using were, well... just not behave good.

Where It All Started

Just like you, our days kick off with the scent of fresh coffee beans. And like any good story, ours began with pure, undying passion. Coffee wasn't just a drink; it was our morning ritual, our afternoon pick-me-up, and sometimes, our midnight muse. But we noticed something was missing.

That “Aha!” Moment

Have you ever seen a manta rays glide through the ocean? Smooth, right? That's what we wanted our coffee brewing experience to be. Our scales weren't just about getting the weight right; they needed to be as smooth and precise as a manta ray in motion. Hence, the cool name, MantaBrew.

The Design and Development Chronicles

September 2022: The vision began to take shape. This was when we got super geeky and delved into industrial design, internal structural design, and PCB design. Man, were those days buzzing with energy (and caffeine)?

February 2023: We brought our vision to life with a CNC model prototype, assembled our EVT, and dived deep into software testing. Seeing our dream turn tangible was... indescribable.

March 2023: As they say, there’s always room for improvement! This month was all about refinement. We kept tweaking, and optimizing our industrial design, structure, and PCBA to ensure the best brewing experience for you.

MantaBrew R&D

Wrapping It Up

So here we are, a bunch of coffee nerds, super proud of what we've brewed up with MantaBrew. Our story is a blend of passion, tech, and, of course, some darn good coffee.

Have you got your mug ready? Let’s make some coffee magic together!